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Bahaab: A Quest of Navigating Curiosity, Introspection, and Embracing Reality

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Sandhya is a young and driven girl with dreams and goals for her life after college. But, her desires are mere childhood aspirations in the eyes of her parents.  They want her to get married and settle down. This disagreement between Sandhya’s desires and her parents’ wishes has created new and challenging dynamics in their lives. The tension between them is palpable, and it’s clear that they’re struggling to find common ground. Who will she choose, her family or her dreams? 

Genre: Family psychology drama


When we were approached by the Bahaab team to collaborate as their end-to-end marketing partner, we were beyond excited to see how far we could take this project. Working with a dynamic and creative team, we were determined to help bring the vision behind Bahaab to life. With our minds buzzing with ideas, we unleashed a storm of innovative and unconventional marketing strategies. We combined the best of the old-school and the new-age techniques to engage the audience like never before. 

The strategic marketing alliance between Bahaab and Ad Sathi ultimately resulted in widespread awareness and audience engagement for the Bahaab project. We’re incredibly proud of the work we did together.

So, get ready to witness the magic unfold as we take you behind the scenes of our marketing journey with Bahaab. Let the show begin!


Our mission for the Bahaab movie project was to create a strong online presence and reach a wider audience through digital marketing campaigns. We developed the website, social media pages, ads, hashtags, and news media collaborations. Our aim was to provide exclusive content, sneak peeks, and behind-the-scenes action to movie lovers, making them feel connected to the film. Additionally, physical marketing campaigns like college visits and inter-city premieres helped create awareness and excitement. By combining both online and offline efforts, our goal was to increase visibility, generate buzz, and drive awareness for Bahaab.

Intrigued? Keep reading as we dive into the details of our digital and physical marketing strategies for Bahaab.

Digital Marketing: Unleashing the Power of the Internet 

In the entertainment industry, Digital marketing can make or break a movie’s success, and we left no stone unturned in crafting a well-planned strategy for Bahaab. When it comes to the movie industry, digital marketing can play a vital role in promoting and creating buzz around a movie building a connection with the targeted audience. Here’s a closer look at all we did to ensure successful media marketing for Bahaab: THE DIGITAL HOME OF BAHAAB

We couldn’t wait to bring Bahaab to life on the big screen, but before we did that, we knew we had to create a digital home for the movie – enter! Bahaab is one of the first Nepali movies to have its own designated website. This exclusive movie website allowed us to give fans a sneak peek into the making of the film, with cast and crew footage and juicy tidbits about the movie, all in one spot. We went all out to make sure the website was well-designed, user-friendly, and completely immersive. It was the perfect platform to showcase the trailers, songs, and movie clips to control the messaging around the movie, creating a strong online presence that drew fans in like moths to a flame. Our goal is to make viewers almost hear the sound of the camera rolling and smell the popcorn popping as you explored every nook and cranny of!


Social media is a powerful tool for shaping the narrative around a movie, and we harnessed its potential to the fullest. We established official Bahaab pages on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter to build trust with the audience and provide them with exclusive content and insights. Through regular updates, posts, photos, videos, and messages from the cast, we created an engaging narrative around the movie. Our goal was to ensure that the audience understood the movie’s message and felt connected to its cause. By establishing official pages, we built trust with our audience and provide them with a deeper look into the making of the movie. 

When viewers feel connected with the message, they support the movie in every way possible.

To give Bahaab the attention it deserved, we strategically defined two main hashtags – #Bahaab and #Chaitra24 – for consistent use across all platforms. These hashtags created a sense of community and excitement. We encouraged users to engage with the hashtags by sharing their thoughts, reactions, and anticipation for the movie. By leveraging the power of social media algorithms, we ensured that the hashtags reached a wider audience, increasing the film’s visibility and generating organic buzz.

#Bahaab alone received a whopping 20M+ views on TikTok, proving to be a game-changer for the Nepali movie market. Not just that, #Bahaab and #Chaitra24 generated over 1,000 posts on Facebook alone. With this level of engagement, Bahaab became the talk of the town and captured the hearts of movie lovers. It’s safe to say that our hashtag strategy was a resounding success!

Collaboration with influential social media handles and popular web portals played a crucial role in expanding the reach of Bahaab to a wider audience. Platforms such as Meme Nepal, Routine of Nepal Banda, Mero TV, Troll Pokhara, Artist Pages, and Mero featured exclusive Bahaab content, effectively raising awareness about the movie among their followers and visitors

Our partnership with Khalti, as the official ticketing partner for Bahaab, further bolstered our efforts. Together with Khalti, we organized a series of engaging events to promote the movie. Let’s take a look at some of the exciting collaborations we had:

To begin with, we teamed up with Khalti for an epic lucky draw giveaway: The Thailand Tour. When viewers purchased a movie ticket for Bahaab from Khalti, they had a chance to win a Thailand tour package with couple of tickets– talk about a fun way to promote a movie! This was a great way to promote the movie while having something exciting for the viewers, and the lucky viewer is yet to be announced– so keep your eyes peeled for that!

We brought the ultimate movie experience to the youth and college students at One Plus Cinema Kalimati before the official release through our Special Movie Screening with the Bahaab team. Not only did the audience get to watch the movie before anyone else, but they also had the chance to meet and interact with the cast and crew of the film. And that’s not all – viewers who purchased tickets at just Rs. 20 received Rs. 20 cashback and a chance to be a part of this special event. 125 lucky winners were selected to join the cast and crew for the ultimate movie night. This special screening was promoted by featuring posters and promotions on the Khalti events page.

We didn’t just stop there. We had media coverage that captured the audience’s experience, opinions on the topic, interviews with the cast and crew, and interactions with the movie. The posts were shared across multiple platforms, including the cast’s personal handles, movie websites, news media portals, YouTube channels, and by the fans themselves. We also provided Khalti merch to the visitors, making sure they had a piece of Bahaab in their Khalti to take home with them.

The best part? One lucky winner from the screening will get the chance to have a one-on-one coffee date with the stunning Surakshya Panta. How, you ask? We’ve partnered with Coffee Escape Lazimpat, a coffee place where the winner will get to enjoy a coffee bhet with Surakshya Panta herself. 

Finally, one of our most impactful collaborations for Bahaab was the Live Streaming event hosted on the Khalti page. During this session, the lead actors of the movie engaged with the audience, creating awareness and generating excitement about the film. The live session was simultaneously published on Kasthamandap TV, further enhancing its visibility and engagement. In addition, we successfully ran a Khalti Quiz campaign with the ‘Bahaab’ category, offering daily quiz rewards, a weekly smart band, and a monthly cash prize. This interactive quiz not only increased the movie’s visibility but also provided an opportunity for the audience to learn more about Bahaab while winning exciting prizes.

Ad Sathi collaborated with numerous entertainment portals to promote Bahaab to a wider audience. Portals such as,,,,,, and featured articles, banners, videos, interviews, and news coverage related to Bahaab. These portals receive significant daily traffic, enabling us to reach the target audience and increase the movie’s visibility. Basically, we followed every fan around the internet to grab their attention. 

We didn’t stop with the web channels, Bahaab was featured in various YouTube channels like Rajatpat Online TV, AP1HD, Ramailo Chha, Sutra TV Hd, Cinepati TV, Hit Nepal, Intro Nepal, Yoho Television HD, Meroflim, Citizen FM, Artist Khabar, and Din Ace. From interviews with the lead actors to live interaction with the audience, Bahaab pulled off it all. Hashtags remained consistent throughout the campaign. This allowed us to take charge and set the tone of the movie and the message throughout.

Paid promotions not only created a strong online presence for Bahaab but also contributed to building a distinctive brand identity for the film. Strategic targeting and creative ad content played a crucial role in reaching a large and relevant audience for Bahaab. We showcased the movie trailer, behind-the-scenes footage, and exclusive content to pique the interest of potential viewers. 

For Bahaab, we invested around 2500 USD to target our audience through various digital platforms such as Facebook, Google, Instagram, YouTube, display ads, search ads, and even WhatsApp. Though it may sound like a hefty amount, it was a worthwhile investment that helped us generate significant buzz and visibility for the film.

Our digital content strategy was multi-faceted and included a variety of approaches to keep our audience engaged and connected with Bahaab. From captivating photos and engaging posts, and Q&A sessions with the cast and crew, to streaming live events (premieres, song releases, trailer releases), we leveraged social media channels to create a personal and intimate connection between the movie and its fans.

But we didn’t stop there – we took it to the next level with live-streaming events across 20+ social channels, simultaneously. These events allowed us to showcase exclusive content and interact with fans in real-time. The energy and excitement generated during these events were palpable, and we saw a significant uptick in engagement and interest in the movie. Through these efforts, we were able to create a dedicated fan base that was invested in the success of Bahaab.

When it comes to promoting a movie, a well-rounded approach that incorporates both physical and digital marketing strategies is crucial. We went above and beyond to create a unique and impactful physical marketing campaign that would reach the widest possible audience. From college promotions to TV appearances, LED hoarding boards, and creative release events, we took a unique and innovative approach to movie marketing. Here is a breakdown of our major marketing moves. 

To create maximum buzz around our movie, we hit the ground running with a college promotional tour. This fun and engaging approach involved interacting with students, holding question-answer sessions, distributing posters and pamphlets, giving away gift hampers, and even playing tennis with the students. We also had our lead actors and actresses participate in these events, creating a memorable connection with the audience while creating awareness and a positive narrative around the movie. The young audience is a valuable resource when it comes to the success of any movie, and we took this innovative approach to connect with them and build the hype around Bahaab. We conducted a range of these events in some of the most prominent colleges in Kathmandu like Premier College, Morgan International College, Texas International College, St. Lawrence College, Nepalaya collage, and Kasthamandap College Of Management. 

We knew that getting Bahaab in front of a large TV audience was crucial for generating interest and excitement. So, we leveraged major Nepali television networks like Comedy Club with Champions, Himalayan TV, Rajatpat, and Yoho Television. By featuring our lead actors and promoting the movie on these popular shows, we were able to create maximum visibility for our movie. The wide reach of these shows became the opportunity to consistently define the narrative around Bahaab’s impactful storyline. 

To capture the attention of passersby and make Bahaab impossible to ignore, we utilized LED hoarding boards. These bright and colorful displays allowed us to showcase posters, songs, and trailers of the movie in highly trafficked areas. This was an effective way of creating a lasting impression and generating curiosity about Bahaab in audiences of all ages and preferences. 

Our biggest event was the inter-city premiere in Kathmandu and Pokhara, a highly ambitious move that allowed us to connect with a wider audience and create an even greater impact. Generally, Nepali movie premieres are organized in only the capital-Kathmandu. But, that’s not us. We took the unconventional approach of holding our premiere in two major cities: Kathmandu and Pokhara. It was a bold move that paid off, generating excitement for the movie on a larger audience.

A successful movie release requires more than just putting the movie out there. So, alongside the Bahaab movie Premieres, we planned a series of events to build excitement and anticipation. This included Guff Gaff Sessions, press meets, poster releases, song releases, and the official trailer release, all designed to build excitement and give audiences a taste of what was to come. 

Finally,  a special mention to BAHAAB AI POSTER RELEASE by Riri | Prixa Technology.  With our AI partners, we became the first ever company to release a movie poster entirely generated by AI technology in Nepal. 

As the end-to-end marketing partner for the film, Ad Sathi implemented a comprehensive and innovative marketing strategy that effectively promoted the movie and generated widespread awareness and audience engagement. Furthermore, the collaboration with brands like Khalti further enhanced the movie’s visibility and ensured that the movie reached a wider audience and left a lasting impact. Through partnerships, we were able to create a mutually beneficial relationship that brought value to both parties involved. 

For Khalti, collaborating as an official ticketing partner for Bahaab provided several advantages. By offering exclusive promotions, such as the lucky draw Thailand tour and special screenings, we incentivized moviegoers to use Khalti as their preferred ticketing platform. This not only increased Khalti’s user engagement but also drove more traffic and transactions on their platform. Additionally, our joint marketing efforts, such as live streaming sessions and the Khalti Quiz campaign, provided Khalti with valuable exposure and visibility. By featuring Bahaab content and engaging with the audience through these initiatives, Khalti strengthened its brand presence in the entertainment industry and solidified its position as a go-to digital payment solution. 

So, Have we cracked the movie marketing code? I think we have. 


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